Got Curls?

Alex Anthony Trained Experts in Curls

At Salon T. Daigle, we understand that cutting and styling our curly haired clients requires a knowledge that, let’s face it, not all stylists have –  A knowledge that goes deeper than simply knowing you can’t treat curly hair like straight hair.

Our stylists are trained in the Alex Anthony Curl System and Alex Anthony Certified Curly Cut which was developed in the famous NYC flagship Alex Anthony Salon.

“Curl Puzzling is a technique that helps the curl puzzle within each other, Eliminating width and density from the hair. At the same time, it allows movement to the hair and removes shelving, Christmas trees, and stacked looks,” – Alex Anthony.

We’ve Got Your Curls Covered

With consistent precision cuts and products exclusively designed for curly hair, you never have to fear the weather again.

Alex Anthony Products for curly hair are protein enriched and contain natural humectants without the use of heavy oils, waxes and silicone. From shampoos, conditioners, curl aids, and hairsprays, we carry everything you need to love your curls from root to tip

Craving More Curls?

If you’ve ever wished your slightly wavy hair could become gorgeous curls, the Alex Anthony Curl System produces amazing results. It’s truly something you have to see – Visit us today to learn more!

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